Update for 2024

We have enabled the New Quizzes feature option for Spring 2024 courses, and we will enable it for all courses at the start of 2024. Teachers will have a choice between New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes when adding quizzes to their courses.

The New Quizzes tool has several advantages:

  • assessments print well (for alternative offline testing),
  • time limit accommodations can be given to a student across all New Quizzes in a course,
  • questions can be grouped together with a single stimulus such as a reading passage,
  • questions can be duplicated easily,
  • image hotspot questions are available,
  • categorization questions are available, and
  • fill-in-the-blank answer matching is more customizable.

Please use Classic Quizzes when you require one of the features New Quizzes does not have yet:

  • New Quizzes does not yet export spreadsheets showing all responses to all questions (Student Analysis in Classic Quizzes),
  • New Quizzes does not have survey settings at this time (Classic Quizzes can be created as graded or ungraded surveys).

More information about New Quizzes is available: 

What is New Quizzes? 

Instructor Guides for New Quizzes 

New Quizzes Overview Video 

We have organized a Community of Practice for New Quizzes usersClick here to visit and join the NQCOP course in Canvas. 

Ongoing Transition

Instructure plans for New Quizzes to replace Classic Quizzes eventually, but they have not set a date to retire Classic Quizzes. We are enabling New Quizzes in all courses because several good features arrived within the past year, and it will meet almost all teachers' needs. Teachers who want to make the switch can migrate their existing quizzes into New Quizzes with the check of a box upon course import. 

Classic Quizzes

Teachers can continue using Classic Quizzes at this time. More information about Classic Quizzes is available:

What are Quizzes? 

Instructor Guides for Quizzes